Try this story line for a start. A lone prince fell in love with daughter of a palm wine seller. His royal parents disagree vehemently. The palm wine seller’s daughter was banished and the prince was forced to marry his parents’ choice. End of story. This is the storyline of Beyond Conspiracy, produced by Chijioke Nneji and directed by Ugezu J. Ugezu. It features such movie stars as VanVicker (the man many say is taking over from Ramsey. Really?), Tonto Dikeh, Ini Edo, Amaechi Muonagor and a couple of other fringe stars. We won’t go into much detail as there is little to write about this movie. It is a flick fit for kids who have little sense of reasoning. Storyline It is too familiar to sustain the interest of an intelleigent viewer. The story writer Ugezu J. Ugezu and producers should go back to school and learn the act of story writing. A lone prince of a supposedly traditional kingdom knows nothing about its tradition and it is so funny that the play ignorantly mixed modern setting with traditional one. Check this out; this is a movie where everybody is going about in jeans, jerry curls and driving latest cars. People still go about addressing the prince as my prince. That is a contradiction. Acting This is one area you should not go into. Even Ini and Muonagor who have been known to deliver did not live up to expectation. Tonto Dike was so artificial. The queen was plain. It was only fringe actors like Ini’s sister that played their roles well. For instance when Van is supposed to be angry his face is saying something else. Ini’s heart seems to be far away, and Tonto went through the flow like a green horn. Her laughter is like plastic and her costume was ordinary for a girl the royal family spoke highly of. Locations The locations are very ordinary. The palace was not grand, and there is this constant contrast between modern sets and traditional ones. This is clearly evidence that the crew is confused. Costumes We reserve our comment. Dialogue If Van Vicker did this movie before he went to film school we would forgive him with his delivery . He needs to retool his delivery skill. Ini was not convincing and Tonto was simply plastic. Did we see anything good in the movie? Maybe when part three is out. But if part one and two are tastes of what to come, we better keep our money. The movie is a waste of time and resources. Ugo — Tonto Dike Michael — Van Vicker Munari — Ini Edo Location Manager, Emma Onyemezie your social media marketing partner