THIS IS NOT A SCRIPT! Nkem Owoh received a very hot and embarassing slap from a marketer. ''We can no longer take your excesses'' P. Collins declared. Humorous and outstanding, the one and only, Mr Nkem Owoh, popularly known as Osuofia, is without a doubt the most expensive actor in Nigeria and only a few producers can afford him. Recently, there has been serious complaints concerning his attitude at work, '' How can we pay as much as 2 million nairas to him yet he will not be seen on location till 12 noon? He keeps every other cast and crew waiting and when he finally surfaces, in no time he wants to call it a day!'' says another frontline insider who wants to remain anonymous. As they say, business is about taking risks. Thinking that he was applying effective PR to achieve a good working relationship, P. Collins contracted Nkem Owoh for a project. Unfortunately, the contract brought him nothing but sorrows and disappointments. "Nkem Owoh is delaying the job, always the first to leave location, yet the last to turn up." Vexed by these declarations, Nkem Owoh picked his personal belongings and attempted to leave the set, feeling he should not be addressed to in such a manner. He threatened to abandon the project and refund whatever sum of money he had been paid. Out of control, P. Collins tried to restrain him physically after landing him a very hot slap. Out of his grip, Nkem Owoh chased him around, throwing stones until people pleaded him down with him. Issues were resolved later and work continued. EXCLUSIVE FOR NIGERIAFILMS.COM your social media marketing partner