Sexy screen diva, Mercy Johnson, by choice or design, is not being seen in social circles these days. Though she has had more than enough controversies surrounding her since she hit stardom, MJ, as she is also called, has always held her head high and has never been seen missing in action for so long, especially when there is great groove going on. At the recent wedding of one of her colleagues, Mike Ezuronye, Johnson didn’t show up though some souvenirs she made for the couple were shared on her behalf. Her critics are saying Johnson is in hiding since her wedding, which she made so much noise about, is yet to hold. Johnson, before now, had said she was going to get married last August. But August had come and gone and the wedding bell is yet to toll. Some other sources tell us the diva is having a nice time holidaying in the US. And as for her relationship, the same sources say Johnson and her lover boy are still very much together. We tried to reach Johnson but none of her phone lines went through your social media marketing partner