Controversially rude actress mercy johnson is at it again! Alist actor Mike ezeruonye is in a cold sweat and whilst he remains incommuincado for now,insiders say the actor is in shock and trying to recover from the ''koro-koro'' insult metted out to him by mercy johnson! The last time we checked she took older colleague Pateince ozokwor to the cleaners in 2010 when she looked her in the eyes and called her unprintable names like ''shameless old woman......'' What you are about to read is the synopsis of what transpired between mike and mercy on a movie set in eastern Nigeria on sunday febuary 20,2011. It may read like a movie script but please read and pay attention,what you are about to read was in no way part of the script both actors were paid to translate. I would suggest you read this with someone and both of you play mercy and mike in order to understand this true life script better. Ready?.....Here goes! ''The whole movie set had waited for about two hours with mike also waiting but lead actress mercy johnson who is enjoying the 'attention' of some particular producers was nowhere to be found.several attempts were made to call her to come to set but she wouldnt pick her call and those trying to reach her gave up the attempt and the whole set waited and waited......and waited and waited. Finally Mercy breezed into the set and before anyone could say a word she vanished for a few hours again and the waiting game began again.Finally she showed up un-apologetic and after a while exchanged a few hardsh words with the continuity manager who she threatened she would slap his ears off if he tried her. Mike Ezeruonye and the producer on set approached mercy and told her to take it easy and mike even told her ''mercy you used to be very humble,what happened to you?please dont let this stardom thing get to your head,its really not worth it''. According to eye witness report,that moment passed and when it was time to run their script lines,mercy refused entirely to join mike and insisted on running her lines from inside where she was seated,the producer begged and begged but mercy refused to move and after a few frustrated attempts,mike dropped his script and said he could not work like that and that when mercy was ready to run her lines they should call him.he was really upset as he stormed out and lo and behold,mercy who refused to come out all these while ran out after mike and screamed behind him the words ''F**K YOU''. Silence enveloped the venue as everyone dropped what they were doing with mouths formed ''O'' ''Mike stopped in his tracks,retraced his steps and asked her ''excuse me?'' Mercy replied''you heard me,f**k can do your worst''. Mike Ezeruonye shocked to his bones,asked the actress ''i beg your pardon,what did you say''? Mercy replies again''I said f**k you.who do you think you are''? The able bodied men on the set immediately came between them and mike was physically restrained from going near mercy who empited a bile of swear words on mike. Mike stormed off the set and refused to come back to run any lines with the actress. ''The actress has been asked to apologise to mike who is her elder in nollywood but so far so good she has not done so,she is perhaps waiting for the media hype that will follow her actions and then she will publicly go on her knees to beg mike and earn the term''shes such a humble actress and will not even hesistate to go on her knees and beg when she wrongs anyone''. Face Front Concepts Mike Ezeruonyes management team headed by Mildred Okwo was contacted after several attempts to contact the actor failed and this is her response ' 'Thanks for your inquiry. Our client Mike values his colleagues who act in a professional manner. It is his belief that "every actor must respect the director and people on set and he will not stand for actors who cannot check their egos". Mike is still deciding how to address the incident and we will put out a release at the appropriate time''. Mike ezeruonye is one of the many Alist actors that have suffered ''insultive casualities'' in the hands of mercy of her victims and older colleague ngozi ezeonu was so badly tongue lashed on set by mercy that nogzi would rather ''run into a moving train than act alongside the actress again''. In 2010 actress Patience ozokwor forgave mercy and played a mother figure by publicly accepting the actress' public apology..... If you Call the name mercy johnson amongst the Alist actors everyone starts heading home. One nollywood celebrity who pleaded anonymity says''acting with mercy is a no go area for me,she is talented but i guess fame got to her head''. Whilst we beg on Mikes and Mercys Management teams to come out with their own revised and remodelled version ......heres wondering who will be mercys next victim!. how do the yorubas say it again?...''oma se ooooo''. your social media marketing partner