NIGERIAN mega movie icon, Ramsey Nouah wants to leave behind a legacy of having one continental film industry called 'Afrowood'. "Before I leave this world I would like to be remembered for being the initiator of one film industry for Africa, where each country has strong actors and produce films that present the continent as one," Ramsey said. Ramsey told a small gathering at the Paradise City Hotel, which hosted him for his week long tour when shooting the much awaited 'Devils Kingdom' co-starring with local film star Steven Kanumba that he had already started campaigning for it. He said that he was thrilled to have come to Tanzania and to experienced the great hospitality and warmth of the people and was excited to see the passion that people have for the film industry. "The passion for the film industry is spreading like a wildfire in Africa and while I know and believe that there will be more collaborations like these, I also believe that Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria will be the torch that will light up the film industry to other parts of the continent," he envisioned. Kanumba echoing the words of Ramsey said that he had indeed liked his stay in the country and that the Nigerian star had even extended his stay till Wednesday before flying out. "It has been a great honour for me to get this opportunity to work with Ramsey, especially when you consider he is one of the founders of Nigeria's Nollywood, a man with a busy schedule but still found time for me," Kanumba said thankfully on his way to the airport. your social media marketing partner