It is no longer news that sultry actress,Mercy Johnson will be walking down the aisles with her hearthrob,Prince Odianosen Okojie come August 27th,2011. But received a shocking e-mail from a lady called Lovelyne Okojie who claims to be the legal wife of Prince Odianosen. Below is the unedited e-mail we got from her with pictures to backup her claims. i used to have a sweet home but now mercy johnson is trying to destroy my home,i'm Appealing to the world and whoever knows her to plz tell her to go luk 4a single man and leave my Husband Alone,am married to ds man and there's never been any DIVORCED paper signed, we still legally i want the whole world to plz ask mercy johnson to live my Husband for me....Everybody should take note of dis, This Guy prince odianosen Okojie,he's successful married with 2kids,... but @ the moment he is planning to wed mercy johnson, is dis fair? how on Earth can a woman wats to destroy anoda fellows woman home all in the name of Getting married despirately...plz lets try fight all the Husband snatchers..for more information plz do inbox me in via Email ***************** God Bless every individual's homes.....From Lovelyn Okojie All efforts made by to confirm this allegation from Prince Odianosen Okojie proves abortive. We shall keep you posted as events unfold. click the link below to go to... MERCY JOHNSON IN DISTRESS,RAN TO MOUNTAIN OF FIRE MINISTRIES TO SEEK FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION. WEDDING: MERCY JOHNSON PICKS AUGUST DATE AND DETAILS OF THE SUPERLATIVE WEDDING. © 2011 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher. your social media marketing partner