Stephanie Okereke is one of Nigeria’s most talented actresses. She is good at what she does and she has evolved over time to be a damn good actress who has gone ahead to produce her own movies. In Nollywood she is rated as one of the A-Class actresses. With over 90 films to her name,Stephanie is continually building her brand in the movie industry. A recent graduate of the New York Film Academy,Stephanie has expanded her title to include Director,Producer and Writer with the introduction of her movie:Through the Glass which premiered in October 2008 at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood,California. Stephanie is the CEO of Next Page Productions and co-runs Del York International,a media and marketing communications company with her friend Linus Idahosa. Stephanie and Linus recently completed the 2nd edition of Del York and New York Film Academy training session in Lagos. In a recent interview, Stephanie opens up about her fiancé Linus Idahosa. Linus is a wonderful person and me working with him on Del York and Film Academy is wonderful experience.He is a leader and someone who guides. He is full of ideas,I thought I had ideas until I met him,he is a wonderful person he has a beautiful soul,he feels he is a world-changer,(smiles),he has been amazing.He is a strong force,silent force at that,he has been there for me and he is taking good care of me. I’m very grateful to have a such a wonderful man,who loves me dearly and we are doing things together,he is good. For the wedding,I will invite you when it is time and we have to keep working because the burden is more. your social media marketing partner