Report has it that Baba Suwe who is still in NDLEA custody since Wednesday October 12,2011 for alleged drug trafficking is yet to excrete the alleged drug after scanning machine had proved he has substance concealed in his stomach. He was reportedly on his way to France- in the night- when the Anti- drug agency's scanner indicated that he was smuggling drug. He was promptly arrested and thrown into detention. The comic act has excreted three times since his detention but no drug has so far been found on him. We learnt the scanning machine employed by the NDLEA, is called Soter RS, which was donated by the United States government to the agency in June 2008. The machine is believed to be one of the most sophisticated x-ray body scanning machines available for drug detection. The SOTER RS Security Body Scanner can undertake a whole body, clothing or body search, detecting everything hidden in or outside the human body within just 10 seconds. For seven days now, since the popular comedian was arrested and detained by NDLEA operatives, Nigerians have been waiting to know the outcome of the drug saga. The arrest of Baba Suwe is generating a lot of interest in the Nigerian media and social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. His lawyer, Mohammed Bashir on Wednesday said that a fundamental rights enforcement suit would be filed on his behalf within the next five days and they planning a N1 billion suit against the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) over his arrest and detention. Bashir talking to NAN reporter, said: “We will be filing the suit before a Federal High Court in Lagos between now and Monday. “We will be asking for N1 billion as compensation for damages suffered by him due to his illegal arrest and detention, as well as the embarrassment and defamation done to his reputation as a result of the incident,” he said. The lawyer further told NAN that NDLEA officials had prevented him from meeting physically with Baba Suwe since his arrest, almost a week ago. “I have visited the place twice since he was detained but was turned back and prevented from seeing my client. This denial of access to my client is another violation of his fundamental human rights,” Bashir added. It is however instructive to note that prior to his arrest- Babasuwe had been severally rumoured to be involved in the drug trade. your social media marketing partner