Rumour has it that a young lady has changed from human to a python in a hotel in Warri, Nigeria. According to a Blackberry broadcast, Alert!!! "The pix of this incident Happened this afternoon... A girl just crept out of Hotel Excel this morning half snake half human crying for help. She said a Man carried her and after f**king s**t outta her did some incantation and she noticed that her body was changing to that of a Python, she when she screamed and called on the name of Jesus, the change only occurred from her waist region down to her feet. She came out of Hotel Excel by Refinery Road Junction Effurun right now crying for Help and there's a massive crowd right there. Please Note: there's traffic congestion right now at the roundabout down to the Junction. Warning: Gurls please be careful, evil men are everywhere. Please Rebroadcast so everyone on your list can get this and report to the Authorities to give a helping hand to this Girl...oloso b careful" or ensure you use the social media sharing below this page to spread this to your family and friends. your social media marketing partner