Some days ago, news broke of collapsed marriage of top Nollywood actor cum producer and director, Tchidi Chikere and his actress wife, Sophia, produced three kids. Another dimension was brought into the story when another actress, Nuella Njubigbo was alleged to be the woman responsible for Tchidi's marriage break up. It was another shocker when news filtered that Nuella was already pregnant and would soon marry Tchidi. After earlier releasing a statement on the break up with Sophia, Tchidi has opened up in reaction to the criticisms the news has generated since the news broke. According to Tchidi, "For all the idi*ts who went online to say craps about me and the lies being peddled on the internet, I want you to know I am not the kind of guy that backs down. You are fo*ls! Envious demons. I am successful, and won't stop being successful. You can go and die. Just because I am in the public career don't mean I have to live according to your whims! We will rise to the challenges accordingly. I won't be blackmailed, I won't be intimidated . My vindication comes from God, not from man. Folks want to force you to live in unhappiness, they want to make you feel guilty for things you didn't do. But you wear the shoe, you know where it pinches. For reasonable people out there, stay blessed. For idi*ts out there, stay so forever. May you receive the same judgment you give out." Will this lay everything to rest? Click the link below to go to... BREAKING: Tchidi, Sophia Chikere Marriage Crumbles TCHIDI CHIKERE MOVES IN WITH PREGNANT NUELLA NJUBUIGBO + THE DIRTY SECRETS OF HIS ESTRANGED WIFE, SOPHIA EXCLUSIVE: Why Tchidi Chikere Broke Up With Sophia**Actress, Nuella Njubigbo Fingered your social media marketing partner