Popular singer Goldie Harvey is dead and this is authoritative! The songstress who just got into the country from the US where she attended the Grammys Awards last weekend died few hours ago at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island. Goldie just came back from the US today and according to sources so full of life before something went tragically wrong. She died in the arms of her best friend Denrele Edun. We shall bring full detail as event unfolds. In a swift dimension, some insiders secretly revealed to us that Derenle, the 'crazy one' first put a call to Linda Ikeji, the lady blogger and informed her of the rumored death of the sexy singer, Goldie, and it's like, why Linda and not her parents. Though, we later gathered that her step mother confirmed her death. Having informed Linda of this development, Derenle was said to have switched off his mobile set and he became inaccessible. This, according to a renowned journalist, might be one of the stunts in preparation for the reality Tv Show Derenle and Goldie are working on together. She, according to another source, was asthmatic. It's quite unfortunate and pathetic.
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