At the recently held African Magic Viewers' Choice Awards at the Convention Hall of Eko Hotels and Suites, IKponmwosa Osakioduwa, popularly called IK a.k.a Wildchild, was said to have made an uncomplimentary comment about Tricia Eseigbe of Bold Faces. Tricia, the popular actress and presenter, we gathered, stepped outside to acknowledge an award on behalf of Mercy Johnson, who was far away in America, as Tricia made her way back to her seat, the Big Brother Africa's host, IK allegedly said 'who is this sef! I don't even know her.' Miffed by this comment, one of Tricia's fans, we were told, angrily approached IK about his nasty comment. When it dawned on him that it was Tricia Eseigbe that came on stage, a source said that he was shocked and had regrets written all over him saying, "for real! You mean that's my sister, Tricia Eseigbe of Bold Faces. Honestly, I couldn't recognise her anymore, she was looking younger and fresher! Wow, I only said I couldn't place the face, I was not rude about that, I must really see her to tender my apologies." Meanwhile, the Nigerian radio and MNET on air personality, IK, we were told, made the statement unconsciously but having realised who Tricia really is, he's said to have felt sorry and said Tricia is his sister and can't ever be rude to her. your social media marketing partner