Grace Amah is one Nollywood actress that has come a long way in the motion pictures industry in Nigeria. She is also regarded as one of the few actresses that have lived a less scandal-free life in an industry mostly regarded by some as 'dirty.' For some time now, she been in oblivion with her beautiful face not adoring the movie jackets like she did for many years. Many wondered why she became a scarce commodity in their silver screens. While some speculated that Amah might have gone underground because of her child, which she bore out of wedlock, others believed her marital error shouldn't have caused her absence in films. But just recently, your darling caught up with the beautiful screen diva at an event in Lagos. While speaking to us, Amah revealed what she has been doing for some time now. According to her, “the latest about me is that I am back in the (movie) industry.” Speaking further, the mother of one said, “motherhood kept me away from acting.” She, however, noted that, “there were times things didn't really flow well with me in the industry, roles were not coming in as I expected. I felt a bit down about it, so I had to leave.” your social media marketing partner