Prophet Ireti Ajanaku’s death has been surrounded by a lot of mysteries, from the tale of his resurrection to the tale of his membership into a cult known as oro. Yours of course..took some time to dig up the history of this controversial, one time spritiual father of Gospel singer, Tope Alabi....remember ! you saw it here first! HOW IT ALL STARTED Ajanaku who hails from Gbogan, went to a mountain around Ede in osun state for fasting and prayer. After his programme,he decided to visit his family members at their family house popularly known as Owo ope family in Gbongan on Saturday, August 17th,2013. Around 4 pm, he complained he was feeling feverish and went to sleep. However, after a few hours he ceased breathing. Immediately his siblings beckoned on their eldest brother, Senator wale Ajanaku who broke the news immediately at Gbongan, Osun state.Read It HERE RESURRECTION On the same day of his death, Saturday 17th 2013, a few hours after he stopped breathing, he suddenly jerked to life and shouted ‘’thank you jesus’’ thrice before slipping into a coma. This sparked confusion among his church members who then started praying over his body. They kept vigil from Sunday, August 18,till Thursday August 22, 2013. Their aim was to assist him in prayer to slip out of coma or a trance. Many of the members reportedly chanted ‘’wake up!, wake up!,wake up!’’ over the 5 day vigil period. HIS BACKGROUND AND EDUCATION He was born into a muslim home by the name Abass Ireti Ajanaku in the late 60’s but changed his name to Elijah when he converted to was reported that a prophesy came that he should be taken to the river for a bath. As his parents arrived the river, a python appeared and they fled leaving only little Iretiola by the river. To their amazement, when they returned to the river side , they met the python watching over him and moved away at the influx of people. He was denied access tto basic education in all forms(primary,secondary and university education)and was never oppurtuned to go near the four walls of any school. He understood and could communicate in Yoruba only. Ajanaku was quoted to have narrated his quest for knowledge; Ï am not learned ,no academic or bible school background. I actually tried to enrol. I went to winners chapel bible school, myself and my wife some years ago. I told my wife she must not act like a pastor’s wife. I removed the clergy sticker from my car, we just put mr amd mrs Ajanaku in the document like ordinary people in the bible school. All of a sudden, the first thing the lecturer said the moment he mounted the podium was that Mr. And Mrs. Ajanaku your attention is needed in the office. When we got there, they told me that papa called them that they should tell me that my learning is not under them. I asked them to tell him that i will not leave and i must sit for the lecture and understand the scripture more. Why would they reject me? However i refused to return their documents. Then i told them they could return my cash if they liked. Fortunately they returned my cash. The school entrance form and receipt of payment are evidences to show the world that i went to bible school but i was rejected. When i was about to leave their compound ,God asked me why did i come here, did i tell you to come? Then i asked God if it was a crime to acquire more knowledge about the scripture? He replied ‘’did you need more knowledge from me and i did not give you? Since then i never regret not having academic background.I do not write or prepare notes on what to preach, i just get on the podium and the word would be flowing. I only know that my caller never departed from me. He was the general overseer of Ajanaku world outreach. He started the church in 1995 and the first service had only 12 members. The church recently acquired 100 acres of land in Ado-odo, ota, Ogun state. © 2013 Click the link below to go to... SCANDAL: My S x Affair With Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA – Ese Walter SCANDAL PART 2- ANOTHER LADY CLAIMS PASTOR BIODUN OF COZA ABUJA TRIED TO SLEEP WITH HER After Her Confession; Ese Walter Deletes Facebook and Twitter Page…. Writes Letter To Jesus Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA Breaks Salience Over Alleged S x Scandal Pastor Ajanaku Confirmed Dead, 27 Ogboni Fraternity Visit His Home Ini Edo On 2nd Honeymoon With Hubby (Pictures) your social media marketing partner