In the 1980s, Amego was very popular in the entertainment scene in Nigeria. He was a popular musician and host of the popular weekly music-dance show, Sunday Rendezvous. Amego was also commonly referred to by the moniker, Funky Mallam because of his trademark jerry curled pony tail hair-do. It was indeed refreshing at the time to see a young dude from the North looking so trendy. Amego who has been based in the US for many years is currently been treated at the Intensive Care at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, US. But it appears the doctors have given up on him, and his family wants Amego’s friends to pray for him. Mustapha has been battling cancer for a few years. Some of you may not have known he was sick, and this news may come as a great surprise.‘He has Colon cancer and he has been on chemotherapy and drugs for over two and half years now. The doctors say there’s nothing more medically they can do about his case and so we are just depending on the prayers of everyone to keep him alive’, He rose to become the president of PMAN in 1993 and served till 1996. After his successful tenure, he relocated to the US where he worked with the Discovery Channel as Content producer, Editor and Tricaster operator. He also produced Nollywood movies including Double Shift’ 1&2 starring Jim Iyke, ‘Ladies in the City’ (co-produced with Desmond Elliot) and ‘My American Nurse’. your social media marketing partner