Nigerian female celebrities are mostly sexy no matter their size or stature, they make sure they always look hot. For a mother with three to four kids, you should know how they will look normally, especially when the female has the tendency to be fat naturally. Many female celebrities after child birth, flaunt their bodies on how they have worked out their shape even when still breast feeding. Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde is a very good example, she has been married for some years and has four beautiful kids, but yet she still manages to maintain the ‘omosexy’ tag name, which according to her was given to her by her husband. Omotola just got everybody ‘wowing’ when she shared this gym pictures of her doing her regular routine of exercising, even when she knows she is no longer in the market, but for her job; she just has to look fit and keep that hips very attractive. Guess she has started feeling that she is loosing the shape gradually and she just has to get it back. The actress whose body earned her the title "Africa Magic" says she wants to get her body back .She has been working hard on it. You can tell from her abs......She said She captioned the photo "I finally found the exercise for me! Pilates! Thanks #genawest y'all know I always say hate if you're like me try Pilates! You might love it. Many Videos on YouTube .I used to be called "The Body" hopefully I get back there ... At this rate, I'll be an instructor soon! #yimu lol... your social media marketing partner