Top female drummer, Ara has disclosed in a release that she actually foresaw an evil befalling late gospel singer, Kefee, who died on the 13th of June, 2014 at a hospital in the US. She further disclosed that she later called for a special prayer involving celebrities. After getting hold of the message sent out on Blackberry regarding this revelation, contacted the singer to speak with her on it and she confirmed it to us. She explained to us that she really had this revelation and her move for a group prayer for celebrities. Ara said she specifically called Kefee to tell her what was revealed to her (Ara) in a dream, but could not confirm if the deceased made a move. “I called Kefee about two years ago about a revelation I had, and I called her to act on it, but I don’t know if she ever did. It was on January 29/30 then, because I write down my revelations, I have a dream book and I contacted Efe, that’s 2Face manager, if they could bring all of us together to have a prayer against death amongst us. Maybe I traveled out and they did something, or whether they didn't do it, I don’t know, but nobody contacted me, because I think if they had, I would have been contacted and I would have been part of it, it is true I said it” When asked if she has been contacted by anybody since then she said; “I don’t think I should even wait for anybody to contact me because I am in the industry as well, God forbid, I am part of that industry, it could be anybody. I sent a broadcast out, and a Pastor Paul contacted me, and told me he has been organizing celebrity praise, but that I have never been part of it. But he called me and said we could do something, and of course, I gave him my sincere opinion. "Anything that has to do with God, I don’t joke with it. everybody is involved, the musicians, comedians and actors and actresses; it is not something I can do on my own, but I am thinking of doing something. I sent a text message to the G.O of a big church, I don’t want to mention the name, he has not replied me yet, if he could organize a program for us, where we celebrities could come in for a one-hour program or two at their headquarters, and If he doesn't reply me, I will contact some colleagues in the comedy industry, and see if there is something we need to do. It is just a special gift and I don’t joke with dreams.” © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Breaking News: Gospel Singer, Kefee Is Dead Kefee Has Limited Chances Of Survival- Medical Doctor Says Fan Blames Kefee's Sickness On Her Attack On COZA Pastor Gospel Singer Kefee Faints In Airplane Kefee Speaks On Her Illness Anxiety Over Kefee’s Coma State In US Hospital Kefee’s Husband, Teddy Esosa, Speaks On Wife’s Condition Ex-NAFDAC Boss, Dora Akunyili Dead Kate Henshaw Disgusted By A Man At The Airport Femi Ogedegbe Christens Twins ‘Nollywood’, ‘Hollywood’ [Pictures] your social media marketing partner