The name Zack Orji has been there since ages. He is a veteran actor who has seen all the tricks in the movie industry. Though he recently took up the cloak of a pastor, it doesn’t appear the vineyard of the Lord has taken all the tricks away from him as a consummate thespian. His age and pastoral duties seem not to deter female fans from harassing the talented actor. While recalling a recent embarrassing moment with a female fan, he said, "Some time ago I was in Washington DC when a lady saw me in a super market and there were a lot of people there. It was unbelievable to her and she said, “Oh my God! I just watched you this morning, oh my God” She started shouting and called the attention of the entire supermarket, “Come and see, he’s an actor from my country, Nigeria. I just watched him this morning!” I begged her to stop and she paid for everything I bought in the supermarket that day. I was also in Johannesburg sometime ago, when a lady walked up to me and just stretched out her hand. I was a bit embarrassed because she just came, looked me straight in the eyes and stretched out her hand for a handshake. I looked back at her and said, “In my country, young women do not stretch out their hands to shake older men or to shake a man”. She said, “Oh I’m very sorry, it’s just that I’ve been watching you and I can’t believe that you are in my country”. She then said “Ok, what am I supposed to do? I said “You will bend down and I will pat you on the back”. Immediately, she bent down and I patted her on the back and she just stayed like that, walking, shouting and saying, “He patted me on the back." Zack also believes that indeed the sex for roles in Nollywood is not a fallacy but a day to day happening. "There may be some truth in it and there has to be proof. I know that as a producer, I have never harassed anybody. Besides, people are so desperate these days that they offer themselves. Also, some of these people just want to give producers a bad name, sometimes, some of them do not measure up. They think it is by sleeping around that they would get a juicy role. It’s not necessarily by sleeping around, but by applying your strength, talent, expressing and proving yourself. I do not deny that there is sexual harassment, but it is everywhere, not just in the movie industry. The thing is that human beings are predators. When human beings are in a position where they can dole out some largess, some now exhibit their terrible characters. Some people just need to be put in a position of authority and you will see that they are animals. That doesn’t mean we do not have genuine producers who are thoroughly looking for talents to want to use in their movies, because at the end of the day a good actor is a good actor. If you do not deliver, people will watch and they will see that this guy is not good or this girl is not good," he insisted. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Tiwa Savage Tweets About Failed Relationship I Am Starting My Year With A Twenty One Day Fast; Stella Damascus New Year Resolution(must read) 2Face Closes 2013 Nigerian Capital Market (Pictures) Toyin Lawani Welcomes A New Baby Boy As The Year Begins Today! Uti Nwachukwu Donates To The Less Privilege Davido Enters 2014 With N30m Benz G-Wagon your social media marketing partner