Handsome and talented Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah, may soon join politics like his other colleagues, if his fans persuade him to do so, the fair-skinned make-believe star has said. In a chat with Nigeriafilms.com at an event held other the weekend, Ramsey, born by an Israeli father and a Yoruba mother from Owo in Ondo State, said he would leave the decision to join active politics to his fans since they put food on his table. “My fans haven't told me to do it yet, but if they told me yes I will. Oh yes, my fans put the food on my table,” he told Nigeriafilms.com. But it is not clear which position he might want to go for by the time he finally decides to enter politics and which region or state he would claim. On his opinion on actors joining politics, he said “I think they are looking out for changes, movie as you can tell talks about the ills of the society, talks about problems that we find down the street, matrimonial problems either health problems, cancer, abandon children, all this things we find in our society we talk about in our movies.” “And some of our artistes are beginning to see that they can actually be a servant of the people to help rectify those things because they know their pain, so they are thinking we can go there and help and try and make a change that's why they are doing it,” he added. Ramsey was reportedly born in 1973 in Edo State 1973 in Edo State, but grew up in Surulere, Lagos. He attended Atara Primary School and Community Grammar School, both in Lagos. He recently claimed in an interview that he may not recognise his father anymore if he sees him.
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