Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke, may have stepped on the wrong toes on her social media while trying to have fun with her fans. The actress posted a picture of herself rolling her eyes and then captioned it ‘oops…#crosseyes do yours and let me see and I will repost and give you shout out #daniellaOkeke.’ After doing such, little did she know that to some people, it is going to be a problem as one of the fan questioned her on the need for doing such because people like him, it does not look funny. The actress, in a swift response, had to plead the fan, promising to take off the caption. Daniella explained to her teaming fans that she meant no harm to anybody as she was only trying to have fun with her fans. Here is the conversation bellow; amusunga: Can i ask what’s e point of u doing that coz to some of us who do hv crosseyes it doesnt luk funny or nyc @daniellaokeke daniellaokeke: @amusunga ooh sorry! Didn't mean to offend u.its just a fun playful day 4 me and tot I should share and ve fun wit my vex ?? #daniellaokeke amusunga: Okay In an apology message to her fans, she wrote, “Comments like dis really makes me feel bad. I didn't mean to offend any1. It was just a fun playful day 4 me and wanted to share and have fun with my followers. So am really sorry if I ve offended people with eye issues I didn't mean to offend anyone and i would love 2 help if it is legit.i will take down d other posts and wouldn't post all other d pic yall sent on DM... am so sorry abt it. Thanks #daniellaokeke”© your social media marketing partner