Nollywood actor, Jim Ike, has currently grateful to God as he narrowly escaped unhurt in a car accident in Los Angeles USA, while on motion. Jim Ike who is currently on a business trip in the United States of America, disclosed that he was shock when the tire of his car ripped off its rim but was grateful to that it was not worse than that. Interestingly, Jim Iyke, before setting out, had earlier explained that he is tired of moving from one place to another with plane and decided that he needed to test his navigational skills and drive from LA to Las Vegas all alone. “Tired of struggling wiv constant jet lag I decided to test my navigational skills and drive from LA to Las Vegas today. Solo road trip yaaah! #No Speeding Ticket #Watch Over Me Gladys #Vegas Chronicles Begins,” he said. At his shock, “Barely 2 hrs after LA my front tire ripped out from d rim! Had to wait for Triple A for an hr. Damn! Maybe this wasn't a hot idea after all. Well I'd go wiv the bright side of things as always and say it could hv bn worse. Gladys Got My Back #Prof Dude #Ghost Mode Nigga Dem can’t See Me #FrigginRoadDrama #Hope I Dont Run Into A Serial Killer© your social media marketing partner