Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus, has continued to show that she is passionate about making life bearable for women in the society. The beautiful actress recently provided free treatments to 15 women suffering from Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF).Click HERE For More PHOTOS The treatments took place at the Kwara Specialist Hospital in Ilorin. This was done through her NGO called Extended Hands Foundation in conjunction with Diamond Bank Plc. VVF is a serious condition experienced by women after childbirth. This happens as a result of breakdown in the tissue between the v????l wall and the bladder or rectum caused by unrelieved obstructed labour. The consequence of such damage is a woman’s inability to control the flow of urine or faeces. It occurs more often in young women during childbirth, as their bodies are not yet mature for the process. Stephanie’s effort was lauded by the First Lady of Kwara State, Omolewa Ahmed, who received the actress and her team from Extended Hands Foundation as well as the Diamond Bank team at the State House in Ilorin. The First Lady commended their efforts and pledged her support to the eradication of VVF in Kwara State. The State Commissioner for Health, Kayode Issah, also received the Extended Hands Foundation and Diamond Bank Team during their stay in Ilorin, commending them as well for their efforts. The Extended Hands Foundation, with the support of well meaning corporate organisations like Diamond Bank, continues to extend efforts to women with VVF across other states in the country. Klick HERE For More PHOTOS your social media marketing partner