Few days ago, the online media was agog after pictures of sultry Nollywood star, Doris Simon posing with her son, David, hit the internet. The boy was said to have been snatched from his mother and taken to the United States of America (USA) by his father, a prominent movie director in Nigeria named Daniel Ademinokan, few years ago. It is no news that the marriage of Daniel and Doris has hit the rock and that he allegedly relocated to the US with Stella Damasus, a top actress in Nigeria. There have been unconfirmed reports that Stella and Daniel are lovers, even couple. They have been attending events together in the Barak Obama-led country since they moved there. Doris was reportedly in the US recently and had the opportunity to see her son again. But those who have reacted to the pictures posted by Doris have expressed shock at the type of dress David wore in the photographs. They alleged that Stella may be trying to make the boy consider changing his s3x from male to female. It was observed that the boy wore fashion accessories belong to a female. Those who made comments on the post further alleged that the winter jacket and boots wore by the boy may belong to Stella’s daughters and called out on his father for allegedly neglecting his son for another woman’s children. Read It HERE Few of the comments read; “why is your son putting winter jacket for the girls, it’s probably used by Stella's daughters, please, Doris, try and get him a boy's jacket.” “The boots look girly to me too, hope Stella, out of bad belle is not trying to turn this boy into becoming [email protected]? Doris ask him questions please, before your son, opts for transgender things. Or Stella just do not want to spend money and wears the boy, her daughters used clothes, so what is the stuuupid Daniel doing about this now? “It’s ridiculous to see a boy dressed like this, Daniel with his blind love cannot buy a boy jacket for his son except Stella daughters okirika, na waaaoo!.This is exactly my daughter's boots. Shame to u, he (removed), Daniel. Ur son is now a transkid. Doris, take your son back, Stella is trying to destroy him by all means.”
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