Having fondness for someone is something human beings may not do without. It has sometimes be said that at one time or the other, someone would have that person he has a crush on and some celebrations have made confessions as regard that subject. Nkiruka 'Kiki' Omeili is the lady who played the ‘Lovette’ character in the popular Nollywood series, Lekki Wives, which has turned out to be a favourite in the sitcom business. She is a medical doctor who has put the love for acting above the more respected, but lucrative medical profession. As it is now, Kiki may not be lured away from the more glamorous showbiz industry. Giving an insight into the man in the same industry she has crush on, Kiki disclosed that as a child, she had affection for veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, famously known as RMD. Who is your crush in the industry?, she was asked. ‘As a child, I always had a big crush on Richard Mofe Damijo. So I think him,’ she answered. On her greatest embarrassment she ever received from the opposite s3x, Kiki said, "I remember way back, there was this guy who was disturbing me and kept walking behind me and I kept telling him to leave me alone. "And then he said, 'Kiki I will not leave you alone until you accept Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Lord and Saviour.' I think he did that for the benefit of the people around but to me, that was embarrassing." According to her, her parents didn’t like her being stubborn. "My parents used to say I was quite stubborn and difficult and I think that was because I used to argue a lot." "I always like to say that I never really left it (medial practice) per say because I always go back to doing medical services related stuffs. All options are open," she said on if she has finally dumped the health sector. On the character she played in Lekki Wives, Kiki said, "I played the character of Lovette. She is in a world of her own. She always goes after what she wants regardless of the consequences. I like the fact that she has channelled vision and doesn't see the negative people around her."
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