Nigerian rapper and producer, Abdul Rasheed Bello better known as JJC Skillz, has explained that Nigerians abroad gave him the name ‘JJC’ shortly after he got to the United Kingdom at the age of 14. He further explained that he arrived the foreign country after he lost his father, which made his sister to adopt him. He revealed that despite having nine A’s in his secondary school exams, he was unable to attend a university due to some reasons he could not handle, stating that he had to settle for doing odd jobs in the UK. In his words, “When I actually got to London, people started teasing me because I could not speak in the British way very well like others. Nigerians abroad started calling me JJC (meaning Jonny Just Come) and that was how the name got stocked. “I actually passed my exams with nine A's but I could not proceed to the university to study editing and other stuffs which I had in mind so I decided to do odd jobs before I got a job as an editor. I just wanted to do music that my people at home could relate with.” Speaking with London’s Bang FM about his struggle to success, the singer explained that he had to deal with two different challenges, which were ‘how to make it’ and ‘familiarising himself with the foreign accent.’ “I had to switch my intonations to the street way because if I don’t learn that for the past two to three years I have been in Nigeria, so far what has been happening in my life today will not be happening because you can’t relate with population of people who are into music streetwise 80%, 20% are tush like me while the 80% speak broken (pidgin) English,” he said. Answering a question during the interview, JJC said he cannot date Genevieve because a ‘brother’ had ‘tasted’ the actress before and would not go for what someone else has ‘used and dumped.’ “Let’s go this way, I will ignore Genevieve. She is beautiful, she is amazing but I don’t want to share my brother’s ex; it’s very controversial and for that reason, I want to be the first taker; I do love her [though],” JJC said. Speaking on who he will kiss between Lupita Nyong’o and Joselyn Dumas, he said, “I will kiss Lupita, because she did a very good job in the movie, 12 year A Slave, I will kiss her to console her for the assault she received in that movie and I will marry Joselyn Dumas any day (singing about her physical features).” your social media marketing partner