Peter and Paul Okoye, better known as P-Square have been in the news lately, as reports have it that they are at the verge of throwing off their many years of togetherness by going solo. The multi-talented duo, managed by big brother Jude Okoye, took over the industry by surprise when some people were not expecting. They went from the streets to stardom and limelight took them beyond borders, performing beside the biggest names in the music industry, locally and internationally. Speaking on the rumoured break-up, Peter stated clearly that all they had was a normal family quarrel. “Not at all. We just had a minor quarrel just like everyone who has siblings would. We fight and make-up; we fought many times last year but we still go on stage and perform and nobody knows. I can’t come out and say Paul and I have never fought. “It is like a couple who has been married for over 20 years would come out and say they have never fought. It’s impossible; we are humans. It’s a normal thing,” he told Vanguard. He also cleared the speculations that their manager and brother, Jude, was planning to resign. “It’s the same thing; family quarrels. We argued and made-up. He didn’t resign. We are still working together and, even when we quarrel, we don’t allow it to collide with business. There is a line drawn there.” Click:Aso Rock Villa is So Empty, Friends, Associates Have Abandoned Me – Jonathan Describing life as a married man, he said, “It feels great. I won’t say I’m more responsible now because I have been responsible long before getting married. I have two kids. One way marriage has changed me is, I now know what our parents went through in raising us. “For me, I’m now more composed. I try not to worry too much. I’m more focused because I need to work hard to look after my family. “Life has changed since I became a father. Yes, it has also changed my career. Absolutely! My life has changed but it hasn’t affected my life. I still show my six packs. I still kiss people in the crowd. I still take my semi-nude pictures, travel etc. I’m still me and it’s all still part of the business.” Speaking on his fashion sense, the Anambra State-born singer said, “I’m just me. To be honest, I don’t like people styling me because they never get me. “If I’m doing it wrong, let me be. I am at a point that I want to wear what I’m comfortable with; not that they will give me something expensive or labeled and it doesn’t still fit. So, for me, anything that fits me is what I wear.” Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner