Following the continuous fuel scarcity palaver that has hit the country, Nigeria, Nollywood legend, Nkem Owoh, popularly called Osuofia has voiced out his opinion over the matter that is gradually bringing the country to a standstill. The Enugu-state born MTN brand ambassador, said its nothing but an abomination to make one of the world's highest crude oil producer at the moment to suffer its masses over the product its should have in abundant. According to him, "I am here to voice out my opinion and not fact ... But It's a sad thing to see 'fuel scarcity' being a trending topic in my home land. Those Nigerians living abroad please what is good to write about HOME? if not 4 our youths who r putting Nigeria on d map wit good news either in d entertainment sector or educative sector, Nigeria is bad News. It's impossible for a farmer wit one of d biggest healthy farm land that sells food product to other villager would have his family hungry? One of the world's highest crude oil producer at the moment is having severe Petrol scarcity? The GIANT of Africa? What is happening to my country? I mean the owner of a boutique cannot be walking around Naked! It's IMPOSSICANT!!! I know they trying to suffer the incoming president but the God I serve will block their anuses!!! There is no way to make it sound soft or light but it is SADDDD!!! For TV Stations and radio stations even service providers are shutting down because of scarcity my people it's TERRIBLE .. We Nigerians are known to make jokes out of everything so the pain doesn't hurt too much but Na who get mouth for laugh Abi? My people would call such situations ARUUU!!! Abomination!!! TUFIAKWA!!" READ ALSO: Darkness Persists As Power Supply Drops By 75% Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner