Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has thrown yet another bombshell but this time at Nigerian musicians. The comedian stated that comedy has provided a platform for many musicians in the country to showcase their talent even though not all of them are good. Ali Baba pointed that comedy shows have provided lot6s of resources to many who could not have attain some certain height if not for the shows they as comedians continue to put up which has now created many job opportunities. According to him, “Comedians over the years, have provided more platforms for musicians, singers, dancers, ushers, graphic artistes, event planners, printers, photographers, etc... To push the envelopes of their various trades. The allied businesses that our shows have triggered or complimented are all thriving on our event activations. We thank our fans who have always supported us and appreciated our helping to provide the stage that allows them watch their favorite artistes... Even if they come to mime, just tarry they will soon be live... At least so many now play live. #Comedians #Nigeria #Entertainment.” READ ALSO: NLC lambasts David Mark-led Senate; says 46 Bills passed in 10 minutes ‘reckless’ Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner