Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe Gentry, does not want to be known for her dress sense alone and acting prowess but for understanding what it takes to be a good mother. The actress recently brought up a trending issue about how one can know a real Nigerian mum with the hash tag, “#You Know Your Mum Is Nigerian.” She pointed out that some Nigerian mothers look for little faults and try to make reference to her child’s past deeds which becomes a topic of discuss for the day. Here are some things she pointed out that Nigerian mothers do to their children. “When you have special plates and pots for special occasions. She'd tell you to get her broom that she wants to sweep. And when you bring the broom, she'd tell u can't u sweep When you refuse to take your Ogi. She will force it down your throat And then she locks the door so nobody wee come and beg of you You fail 3rd term promotional exam and all of a sudden, every wrong you do is attributed to your failure when you say mummy you're shouting and she says awon ebi baba e lalariwo. when your mum asks you if the food is enough and you reply no and then she says you should go and drink water when she always find a situation to emphasize the fact that "I held you in my stomach for 9 months."” when she tells you if I hear Peem, you will hear ween. when she tells you to remind her to buy the cane she will use in beating u wen u get home When she does not want you see you around boys but want you to get married before 25. when she calls you OKO MI just for you to drink AGBO” when you move to a new neighborhood but your neighbors already know your name...Her voice has a natural amplifier” when your mum is wrong and you try to correct her and she be like: ehn? So you are calling me a liar abi? your social media marketing partner