Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, is not happy at the moment after she was robbed in her Arik Air flight which she boarded. Though she did not give a vivid explanation on how it happened, but the actress disclosed that half of her property got disappeared after she had landed from the plane. She stated that even with a bag which she had used a padlock on, got missing also while on the flight. According to her, “That’s how half of my property disappeared after I landed. Even with a padlocked bag. thank you very much oh, Arik Airline.” Some fans who are of the know also attested to having the same experience with the same airline. ozyjoy2002: Same Arikair that their two crew members were caught with drugs. What's up with the airline and their crew naawww. Aren't they paid well? Arik air is the worst airline in the world. They have only one airplane from New York to Lagos Na so them dey do, anything naija na so them dey give the country bad name, the other day na the cabin crew member, today thief thief, tomorrow na delayed flight,, abegee make I rest for those mumshans matter. glamsushi21: That same shit happened to me when I traveled from New York to Cotonou in 2013. Arikair opened my luggages and stole all my valuable belongings. I was shocked and sad. I have never experienced such behavior with Airfrance, Brussels airlines or American airlines. That was the first and last time I fly with flyarikair. Now I am back with Airfrance where me and my luggages are safe for life! zushali: They are using a sharp knife to make a gap on the zip. The best thing its to wrap your bag your social media marketing partner