Nollywood actress, Jennifer Eliogu, has paid her dues in the Nigerian movie industry and now relaxing to watch how the industry evolves. With various scripts coming her way, the actress cum musician is not relenting in her efforts towards entertaining her fans with her skills. Though single, the actress believes that women making advances to men is not a bad idea but it depends on the African perception that it’s a man’s world. In her opinion, she stated that “I will personally prefer my man to woo me because it is the right of men to do so in our society.” She expressed that before a woman goes to ask a man out, she has put into consideration the maturity of the guy before she makes such attempt as immaturity could hinder such gesture. “Of course there might be nothing bad in women doing that but in this part of the world, you don’t know the kind of guy you’re doing it to. If he’s not mature enough, he might think that is how you’ve been doing to other men out there and take you for something else. "Unlike in the western world where walking up to a man and saying ‘I like you’, does not mean you have crush on him and mind you, that might not necessarily lead to a relationship, but being very good friends. In this part of the world, we are hypocritical in nature,” she told Newtelegraph. your social media marketing partner