To some fans who have cast stones at Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, over her failed marriage, she has come out to speak on how the home was managed before things fell apart for her and her then husband, Daniel Ademinokan, who has now found solace in the hands of actress, Stella Damasus. The actress in recent interview with Trybe TV, explained that when she still had her family together, she was able to manage her home as she did not allow her career to affect her home front. She stated that she is the kind of woman who prefers to slow down at times what she does since it is not a salary job so as to create time for her family rather than becoming a stranger at home. On how she strikes a balance with her career and her home front she said, “A lot of people know that I’m a divorcee, I have a son. Even before then, it’s just been the grace of God trying to mange everything. I like my job because it is not a salary earning job and it is not do or die affair job. If you want to take time to spend with your family it’s cool. “A lot of people are out there searching for this job so let me just even give them the space for the upcoming ones to also do something as well and use that time to spend with my family and my loved ones that way they could always see me around and also get use to me as well not that I will now turn to a stranger to my family especially to my son, so I try to always balance the two one way or the other.” your social media marketing partner