Pretty Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, has continued to earn the respect of her fans with her simplicity and despite what has been said about her in the media, she has not allowed that affect her personality. Reflecting through her past relationships and what has been said about her, the actress stated that she knew what she was getting herself involved in the day she made her mind that she was going into acting. “The truth is I have made up my mind long ago since the day I made up my mind to join the movie industry, so I’m not bothered about what people say about me because it is normal as a celebrity. It’s just one of those things that will always happen,” she said. The actress while speaking during an interview programme monitored by urged couples who are going through some marital challenges to learn how manage the situation and pray always rather than coming out to wash their dirty linen in public. According to her, “my advice to couples is that they should hold on to God and pray about whatever they are trying to do. Make sure you don’t throw your dirty linen to the public.” Emphatically stating that she is divorced, when asked how she feels that her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan, was snatched by a colleague in the same industry, Doris stated that she is not bothered since the “the world is a free place.” your social media marketing partner