Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia, has come to understand the Nigerian society since getting married to her husband and she has been able to blend fast. Sonia does not miss sharing her thoughts on some disturbing issues affecting couples today either in relationships or marriages as she recently pointed out that to have a good home, it’s all about tolerating the next person. She stated that for ladies to compromise in a relationship, there have to be mutual understanding and not a one sided affair. In her words, “Wife material you say? Still bragging about it? Ain't no such thing existing in this world. Ladies, stop it. Know your worth and Let someone love you for who you are. Obey your true nature, and if someone doesn't see it appealing/manageable then he is not meant for you. Compromises in relationships are must but only meaningful if MUTUAL. If he can't handle your worst he doesn't deserve your best.” your social media marketing partner