She’s cute. Sentiment apart, she’s one of the beautiful Nollywood idols whose artistic ability is something a lot of her fans have come to reckon with. Her talent couple with her endearing disposition has not just set her above her contemporaries but has carved a niche for Mercy Aigbe, the mother of one. Behind all these brains, beauty and brawn one habit that has become uncontrollable is her insatiable appetite for sex as a lot of her colleagues who have come to reckon with this bad attitude tagged her ‘Agbo Ogede’ a plantain tree that everybody comes in to pluck and eat. History, however, will not forget in a hurry, her alleged amorous affair with a certain publisher of a celebrity magazine in Lagos who has been reported to have slept with Lola Alao, Stella Damasus, Bukky, Mercy Johnson, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe and a whole lot of other upcoming actresses courtesy his celebrity journal which is well-positioned like a bait to catch his preys. According to one of the renowned crossover actresses who featured in one of Funke Akindele’s movie, when she was asked for her take on the Nollywood stars who just spread their legs for every dick and harry who can pay the bills “count me out, I am not and I will never be a party to such clique. Mercy Aigbe, Lola Alao and others can stoop that low to sleep with a publisher all in the name of gracing a cover of a magazine, I will never do such a thing not even with all the money in the World Bank. If I see a guy I like to date, there is nothing wrong having an affair with such person but not when I have to use my body as an alternative. God forbid! She said. Well, you have heard it, we’ll soon name names. We can assure you. By BMA for your social media marketing partner