The Lagos metropolis was recently agog with the tale of star actress, Mercy Johnson's alleged involvement in an abortion scandal and fetish means of getting movie roles. But in a chat with nfc, the curvy and sexy actress cum model denied the allegations terming it as the figment of some people's imagination. According to the dark-skinned beauty, the tale is untrue and challenges anyone with proof to come forward. "I've been doing very well in the industry and I paid my dues to get to where I am. I am not a greenhorn in the industry and I rose to where I am presently, by working hard so, why would I need to go to any juju priest or be involved in any fetish act just to get roles?" she asked. "I've not at any point in time visited any juju priest or gotten involved in any fetish acts to get roles neither have I accompanied nor taken any actress to such places. I challenge whosoever has such facts and proof to back the tale up to come out. I'm a focused lady and I'm trying my best to give back to the community and society that made me," she said. Speaking further on the abortion scandal, Mercy said, "I can't imagine myself going for an abortion. I have never been and would never be involved in such act, I'm just a young lady, doing what I love most-acting-and giving succour to those that need me. Again, I challenge whosoever has proof to back these false accusations to come out with it. I'm sure of who I am and won't be discouraged or disturbed. "I'm challenging the person to come out and give the date I went for the abortion, the hospital where it took place, the doctors involved and all these facts, if the tale is anywhere near true. "I'm focused and I have my mission, in the last few years, I have been getting myself in charity works and I've been providing basic school certificate examination forms for some youngsters in FESTAC town. I have my foundation, which has been doing well and I have other things other than getting involved in baseless acts," she concluded. With a body built for sin and mercy's penchant for letting things hang out, it would be an overkill to add juju to her winning formula. your social media marketing partner