The politics that has engulfed the leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN) since 2007 is far from over. Earlier, it was the battle to remove Ejike Asiegbu the erstwhile president of the guild from office, and also, to put the guild back on the track, but today, the story has changed. Asiegbu is completely out of the way, while Segun Arinze emerge the uneasy head that wears the troubled crown. While the care-taker committee, set up by the Board of Trustees, BOT, of the guild and chaired by actor Kanayo .O. Kanayo fine-tune plans to hold a general election that will usher in a new breed of leadership for the guide come this December, embattled Asiegbu, allegedly, penultimate Wednesday in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, organized an election that produced Arinze as president, thus diving the AGN, the Anayo- led interim administration has disowned the election, describing it as “ a sham and unconstitutional’. He was supported by the chair of actors group in Lagos, Mr. Ernest Obi, who said the election was “null, void and of no effect… a breach of AGN constitution” and that Arinze is not a member of AGN Lagos chapter. But Arinze says he was legitimately elected as the new president of AGN. As the fire rages on, HVP, which has followed the development keenly, gives you the latest on the matter on who controls the AGN. Do I say congratulations Mr. President or what? Anyhow you want to put it is okay by me. If you wish to say congratulations, fine. But if you don’t wish to, it’s all well and good. For everything, I give thanks to God. You were elected on the platform of Ejike Asiegbu faction as AGN president ….. I was elected constitutionally. I vied for the post constitutionally and as God will have it, I won. That’s the way to look at it. Who are the people that witnessed this election? Segun Arinze Sam Loco was there as the chairman. He conducted the election. We had the presence of the police, 22 delegates and all the state chairmen and excos were all there. And all these people make up the congress of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. Was Lagos State represented? Yes, Lagos State had a representative in the person of Mr. Wisdom. Mr. Ernest Obi was expected but I guess he chose not to come. Kogi and Sokoto states didn’t come also. Akwa Ibom state took permission that they weren’t coming. your social media marketing partner