Lola Alao, the highly controversial actress who has been swimming in all kinds of controversies ranging from adultery, Juju scandal, indebtedness to mention but a few is said to have shunned social outings as she sets to launder her dented image if information at our disposal is anything to go by. The actress cum producer, Lola who is said to premier a new movie is at the moment at crossroads as regards what next to do to better the lot of her dwindling career. Recent research reveals that the mother of one is categorized as one of the fading actresses. You may wonder why Lola has been severally bashed by the media and some secret authorities despite her romance with this top publisher in Lagos called Seye Kehinde, her friends have come out to say that she doesn’t have a good PR and that she’s rude, saucy and arrogant. If all these allegations leveled on this Igbira-Kogi State actress are indeed true it leaves one wondering what is so special about her. Another issue at hand is about some people she is said to owe a large sum of money running into N3m this excludes the N30m the husband accused her of swindling him of. Well, actresses are meant to act movies that will serve as lessons to their viewers or fans but if all this expose and nasty reports about Lola are actually true what kind of movie do you think such a character will premier? You readers are left to do the judgment. your social media marketing partner