Aftermath of her separation from her husband, star actress Monalisa Chinda appears to be gradually settling back to the reality of single motherhood. Sources disclosed that she has foreclosed every reconciliation bid with her husband,Segun Dejo-Richards because of the untold hardship she allegedly went through in his hand. Close sources also hinted us that Monalisa who has been hanging out at the residence of a friend in Lekki has finally negotiated and would soon be moving into her own personal abode .We gathered that she would be living joining the big league in highbrow Lekki. gathered that for sometime now,Monalisa has been staying with her friend and producer,Emem Isong in Lekki,Lagos.Monalisa and her husband used to live in Maryland until some months back when they had to go their seperate ways. “At the moment, she is more concerned about her baby, her career and her own life rather than continue to live with a man, who only thinks collecting substancial part of her artiste fee is his priority” disclosed the source Another source close to Dejo-Richards, however disclosed that Monalisa was only listening to the counsel of wicked people that doesn’t want her to sustain her marriage.Sources also hinted that Monalisa paid for the apartment on her own. "Saying that her new apartment came from fat wallet of a big boy is total misconception", the source disclosed. your social media marketing partner