The influx of Ghana actors and movie makers in Nollywood industry seems to be having a negative effect on the fast-growing entertainment industry in Nigeria. The other day, some marketers got themselves arrested over a certain actor in far away East now it’s another Ghanaian movie director popularly called Frank Rajah who is at large over his alleged rape, molestation and sexual assault he recently carried out at a film location in Asaba on a housemaid. He’s alleged of having canal knowledge of a house-help, Chinemelu, right inside the house they used as location a couple of weeks back. Mr. Frank Rajah was in Nigeria first week of Match to shoot a movie for Immortal films Company in ASABA, Delta State. Findings disclosed to WWW.NIGERIAFILMS.COM that the house that abhorred them for the movie has the major shots and in the course of carrying out this responsibility as a director on set, he had the opportunity to move around the place, since the shooting was taking them longer than expected. “Frank found time to play with the housemaid whenever their hosts left for his office, they were either found smiling at a corner or he asked the young but beautiful girl to pick one or two things for him, most times, he would leave whatever balance of money to the girl to keep as a tip, all this was to get the attention of the little pretty girl and this continued for the number of days we worked in that house. An eye witness told Information reaching that at a point the little naive and helpless house-help did not know how to refuse the pressures and the molestation being meted on her by Frank as herself was said to have been carried away with the glamour and presence of top movie idols around to the extent that she would even prepared delicious delicacies for Frank whenever her ‘masters’ stepped out of the house for the office. The main drama, however, unfolded itself a day after they were through with the house scenes shooting. Frank Rajah whisked this little girl, Chinemelu which a lot of people in the location regarded as underaged to his hotel room in the city of the town, Asaba when her boss and madam had gone out and he was busy right on top of her, violating her youthful innocence… Meanwhile, Rajah’s girlfriend Easther, an upcoming artiste, who happened to be part of the cast walked in at that moment Rajah and the house-girl were having a swell time and she nearly caused commotion as she sighted the two of them together. “She started given the two estranged lovers punches and they started running for their dear lives but not until Esther ensured she gave the little Chinemelu a disfigured face before she returned to her master.” gathered. Like wildfires, the rumour quickly reached the master and she was compelled to state everything that transpired between her and the Ghanaian movie director. Having fully explained to them, the masters ordered for the arrest of Frank but before they got to his hotel room, he was nowhere to be found. It was later discovered that he was far gone back to Ghana. Chinemelu, we learnt, has been asked by her masters to leave their house with immediate effect to her parents’ house while Rajah has been placed on persona-non granter in Nigeria and entire movie industry. We exclusively gathered. Frank Rajah has directed movies like Behind a Smile, Passion of the Soul Part 1&2, Beyonce, Heart of Men, Brenda On War Path to mention but just a few. MICHEAL ALONGE EXCLUSIVE FOR WWW.NIGERIAFILMS.COM your social media marketing partner