Movie buffs, especially mothers and wives are currently pissed and thoroughly disappointed with Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson. And the reason for their seething anger, we reliably gathered has to do with Miss Johnson’s new-found passion of garbing in skimpy attires and deliberate flaunting of her boobs in movies and social engagements. In fact, one of these women that attended a recent Nollywood wedding with her husband and two children, told us she hurriedly left the venue with her family, the moment Johnson ‘invaded’ with her near-nude attire. “We thought her cleavages will pop out of her skimpy attire that revealed so much from her upper region. When my family and I could no longer bear the ugly sight, we hurriedly and angrily left the very colourful wedding. My kids that used to see her as their role model immediately discarded her. How can she come to a social event garbed like that, knowing very well that she’s also a role model to several youths in the society, who equally look up to her. In fact, in my household, we’ve also stopped watching her movies, because of the skimpy things she’s fond of donning.” Also speaking, another angry female fan of the Kogi State-born actress accused Johnson of deliberately donning skimpy attires on/off locations without regard for the womenfolk. “Are Genevieve, Omotola, Monalisa, Oge, Funke and the rest of them not top actresses, did we ever see them donning skimpy attires or overtly flaunting and exposing their boobs, why is Mercy Johnson’s case very different”, asked this bitter lady. Fuming further, she raged: “We are tired of Johnson’s ways of dressing. She’s not representing us well as a role model. Enough of this her boobs flaunting and skimpy attires, it’s now very disgusting and debasing us.” Meanwhile, a recent sms from another pissed fan, pleaded with the controversial and still single thespian to desist from disgracing the womenfolk with her new-found passion for skimpy wears. “We are tired of Mercy Johnson’s new dress sense. If you watch her in movies, meet her at events or even buy papers to read, you keep seeing her flaunting her boobs and deliberately revealing parts of her body. We are tired of her insulting our sensibilities. Is she the only Nigerian actress? Well, my family and I have started boycotting any film that features her, in our home. My kids are even complaining and that makes it more disturbing. Please, help us beg her to stop now. If she wants to go nude, let her do that within the confines of her bedroom, and not in movies, social events or the pages of magazines. Some of us have husbands and we do not want them to begin to think otherwise because of Mercy Johnson. Enough of this her madness,” lambasted this mother, who incidentally reached us from Johnson’s State, Kogi. A mischievous guy, who called from London, pointed out that Johnson might end up baring -it-all in movies with the way she is currently going. “I will be happy to see Mercy bare-it-all in movies, since that is what she enjoys doing these days in movies and real life.” Painfully too, a top filmmaker that spoke with us on the condition of anonymity pooh-poohed Johnson, for disgracing them with her near-nude wears and constant exposure of her cleavages in movies and events, within and outside Nollywood. “Mercy’s case is giving us a big concern in Nollywood. We still cannot fathom what she wants to achieve with this constant and irresponsible exposures. When she joined Nollywood a few years ago, she was not like this... Very shy and humble, stardom has completely changed her. But is she the first or only female star in Nollywood? She should watch it before it backfires on her...” your social media marketing partner