While Nigerians are celebrating with him over the twins his wife was delivered of recently, Desmond Elliot’s explanatory confession to the media about his source of energy is laudable. Elliot, who has garnered both male and female fans in his acting career, as far as Nollywood is concerned, is a crab that no one eats in the hideout without him making noise. Sometimes mistaken as an indigene of Cross Rivers State, Elliot who came from Lagos State but grew up in Jos, Plateau State seemed to have revealed the source of his magnanimous potency that any time he touched madam; it is a set of twins. Enjoying his two sets of twins and glowing effeminately, Elliot who attained stardom through television soap operas in his early acting years and since then have been making raves and maintaining an envied profile in the movies industry had confessed that he runs from women a lot. Elliot who is flash phobic also had said, “I hate people flashing me.” One might mistake him as not man enough, but it is not true. However, whoever that might have said that women are not strong specie should go and ask Elliot about how powerful they are and why he runs from them whenever he sets his eyes on them. He had hitched his point on why he runs from women to whenever he had the glimpse that any, was after him. His fears, he had said, was because he does not want women to ruin him. Elliot, however, didn’t go further to explicate how women could ruin him or any man, himself having a woman as a wife whom nature has so much blessed with two sets of twins and who had brought ecstasy on his face. Or, was he as well running from the woman in the house? Judging by this, one questions why this screen-lover boy has not run from Mrs. Elliot since he said that he runs from women. Or, was madam not as well chasing him? By Elliot’s assertion, it could be noted that he sees women as ruinous while himself is living with one of them. Could Elliot be called a misogynist? This could have been attributed to him if not that he is comfortably married to his mama Umu-Ejima. Or, do we call him a recluse? However, this does not yet match him since he maintains an enviable social life. Why does Elliot have this manner of running from women? When a man like Elliot could say that he runs from women, it then means that he is afraid of women, and one wonders if he has the audacity as the man of the house at home. His amplification of being an athlete when it got to women chasing him is a clear indication that Elliot is always training on the exploits of running from women when they race after him. Can somebody tell him to stop running that one of them had already caught him, before he might think that he had expertise on running from women. However, he did not tell Nigerians whom he runs to for refuge. Was it to his wife? Or, to who? Putting it to Elliot straight, he should tell Nigerians why he runs from women convincingly instead of swimming in parables and innuendoes. He said that being chased was not the issue, but that “what matters is that whenever I perceive that I am about to be chased, I run.” And, one asks, for what? Elliot continued the statement of his unhidden fears for women as if any man they came to, they must ruin. Hear him again: “I run because I have an ambition which I don’t want women to ruin for me.” Na wao, Elliot! Who has poisoned his head that women ruin people? Has he no ambition and he married? One was poised to understand the secret behind his ‘everyday young look’ and the source of his energy that he sprints whenever he sees women were chasing him and does not get tired even that he does not do gym, Elliot had said that he keeps fit by eating right.
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