BON-AWARDS-GATE Uncovered! Never in my life have I seen such a great miscarriage of Justice! Wetin happen? I hear you asking… okay… Let me oblige you. Recently an event was held in the sleepy town of Ijebu Ode, Ogun State called Best of Nollywood Awards (BON). It was organized by an enterprising, young man that goes by the name Seun Oloketuyi. All went well until it got to the Award for Best Actress. Nominees were Genevieve Nnaji for Silent Scandals, Omoni Oboli for The Figurine, Ini Edo for White Hunters, Rita Dominic for The Maiden, Nse Ikpe Etim for Guilty Pleasures. The award came with a $10,000 dollar prize and Naturally, everyone wanted to see who would win it. The declared winner was Omoni Oboli and everyone congratulated her and went home.however was there was a great injustice done. On the voting page of the website(note that these results hae been deleted from the site) the results clearly show the winner Actress in a leading role (English) Genevie Nnaji � Silent Scandal 693 (66.76%) Omoni Oboli � Figurine 52 (5.01%) Ini Edo � White Hunters 119 (11.46%) Rita Dominic � The Maiden 59 (5.68%) Nse Ikpe Etim � Guilty Pleasures 115 (11.08%) Total votes: 1038 So Omoni actually came last yet, she was given the award!! Why? Why did Unilever stoop so low?...ooops i get it,Unilever is the sponsor of the figurine movie so they felt the leading actress in the moie they sponsored had to take home the money? What is really going on here, my people? Why would someone agree to commit such blatant day light robbery in the full glare of the world? Do they think we Nigerians are fools? In these days of internet, google and wikileaks? Has corruption, the bane of our nation, eaten so deep into our society that an actress would feel no qualms about being part of a grand scheme to steal what rightfully belongs to another person? Meanwhile in the unfolding drama, the undeclared but true winner, Genevieve has pasted the link of the result on her Twitter page for the world to see, while the actress in question (Omoni) is busy going around praising herself for being the best actress in Nollywood! You don’t believe me? Go see her Twitter page and Facebook page! Then Seun has the guts to say voting is 30% while judge's decision is 70%!! To all this I say fa-fa-foul! These are truly the days of Wikileaks!! God help us in Nigeria! Meanwhile, Seun has some explaining to do and Omoni has some returning of dollars to do…. Or don’t you think so? We are waiting o! We must follow this saga to the very end! Bon awards gate eeeeeeeeeeeeeh your social media marketing partner