Actress Dakore Egbuson and OLumide Akande would be walking the aisle soon. Excited Dakore recently revealed how Olumide who she informs is a fashion buff proposed to her. He had taken her to shop a day before on the pretext that a friend was throwing a party for Essence magazine. ‘I noticed he was excited’, she said and then teased him. On the day of the party, he suggested they should go eat at a restaurant before going to the party – this was in Chicago, US. The restaurant was ‘the finest we’ve ever been’, she confessed. She should have guessed his intentions but she assumed he was just been his ‘sweet self’. Olumide had informed the restaurant of his intention and they assisted in making the event extra special. Just after their meal and she ordered for desert, a waiter came with a trolley which she was on the verge of informing they ordered for just desert but the waiter opened the cover of the trolley and a red box was revealed – then it dawned on her as Olumide got on his kneels. She shed a tear and couldn’t wait to say ‘yes’. Just afterwards, congratulatory remarks poured in from every guest present at the restaurant, in true American style. She recalls they had talked about rings and she had particularly picked what he got her as her favourite then moved on to the party for Essence Magazine which turned out to be a surprise party for her. The big screens might also loose a good actress as she informed Genevieve Magazine that she might not be acting as she would want to be family-oriented like her mom and acting might not permit that. She intends to stay in the creative business though. your social media marketing partner