Valentine’s day is a day that means different things to different people.We went round and asked some people how this year’s Valentine will be for them and here’s their response. Love for me is caring,sharing the good,the bad the ugly. Love should be a part of everyone’s day, everday life,not necessarily february 14. For me everyday should be valentine,to have dinner with friends at home then probably go out or we will just sit in and gist on the couch Love should be celebrated everyday like its your last day.”For me everyday is my valentine” -Susan peters Valentine’s day is just like any other day to me, there is nothing special in it. I shall be visiting a motherless babies home alongside my friends today and I’m off to a resort place to spend Valentine and Maolud Nabil. -Funke Adesiyan Love is about caring, sharing, understanding, trust and tolerance. Love is being there even when its not convenient. Uplifting one another even when things go wrong. I intend to spend Valentine’s day with my husband, nothing too elaborate, I know he’s got something planned for val’s morning. I plan to treat him to a very nice home cooked meal, some wine and cake and nice scented candles and scented oils in the bedroom. We’ll just chill and watch a movie in bed. - Omoni Oboli Love means the world to me, I am an extremist when it come to love. God is love so why won’t I be like my father,I really do not care if people do not reciprocate my love(it does not stop me from loving) on vals day. I will be on a plane going to india for business. I do not need to set a day to love,LOVE is with me always and I always show it genuinely. -Empress Njamah I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. I am a ‘bush man’. - Kunle Afolayan I lost my mum on Valentine’s Day so I really do not celebrate the day since the death of my mum 7yrs ago. - Eniola Badmus Love? Valentine’s Day is like every other day to me,so I will be working. Thank you. - Fathia Balogun Love is a very strong English word,its capable of its relative meaning.what is love to (A) might not be love to (B). To me,its simply the feelings that flow from someone or group of person to another or thing. So its not restricted to either loving your bf or husband and vice versa. My val wld be spent with some of my loved ones,precisely my immediate family. Thanx - Femi Adebayo Love for me is something unique and if you have ever loved or you are in Love you will understand where I am coming from: The joy and freedom Love gives you is outstanding. You are in total bliss and tremendous happiness and that to me is what Love represents or should represent.My Val is gonna be all about showing love to everyone I have no special plans short of making sure that the season of love, all around me will be visited with the love that I feel for them all. - Wale Adebayo (Sango) Love is a feeling only the heart can feel but the whole body shows the expression. As for me I’m spending my val grading colours, correcting mainframe’s new film “MAAMI” -Steve Sodiya I Intend to spend val with my family. - Emem Isong Love is an intangible desire to affect someone’s life positively through sincerity of the heart. I’ll be spending it in a motherless children’s home because those people really need our love and attention. -Queen Nwokoye your social media marketing partner