When I first heard this gist, I thought it was a joke but apparently its true! What gist? I hear you ask. Hmm… so you like to hear gist too, hunh? Ha ha ha! Gotcha! Well, Uche Jombo was shooting a scene for a movie she is executive-producing (called ‘Damage’). One of the scenes entailed Uche’s character receiving an award at an Award Night. A place on the Island, Vantage Beach Hotel, In Oniru Estate was rented for this purpose. The amount of N100,000 was agreed on to be paid as it also included the renting of a limosine.The venue was set up, decorated with banners and stands like a real event for the shoot. Cranes, jibs, kino flow lights and other expensive equipments were also rented and arranged. real celebrities had been invited and some had actually started arriving. When the owner of the resort came out and saw the whole set, he bulked and insisted that Uche must be holding a real award and not shooting a movie so an extra sum of N100,000 must be added to the amount she had paid! Ofcourse Uche was not having that and a heated arguement ensued. Desmond Elliot( who then arrived on the scene as a guest), then stepped in to intervene in the matter. He was able to pacify the owner and negotiate the amount from N100,000 to N20,ooo. After all the delay and time wasting, the owner of the Hotel eventually agreed to allow Uche’s crew shoot but now added another clause; that the director of the project, Moses Inwang had to come to prostrate and apologise to him for making some comments during the heated arguement or else the shoot would not go on! At this point, Uche and her crew came to the conclusion that it would be better for them to use another location and forget about Vantage. She met with the owner to say this and then asked that her money (the initial N100,000) be refunded to which the owner refued and said he was not giving it to her! My people! Na so kasala wan bust o! The man refused bluntly to give Uche the money because according to him, his venue and the limousine have been was used! That was how the night ended at a stalemate and the crew packed their things and left. When calls where made to Uche to confirm/react to the story, the actress was so upset she couldnt even say a word! However sources close to her say she has decided to seek legal dress concerning the matter. Afro beat Maestro Fela Anikulapo-Kuti once said, ‘When trouble sleep and rat come bite ‘im tail, wetin e go find? Fill in the gaps my people! Meanwhile, we shall keep you posted on the story!!
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