Grace in the early stages of her pregnancy shielding it with a magazine as she was snapped in the Uk. This message is for the fans of petite actress Grace Amah,i bring them good news. The petite actress who vanished from social scene a while back and temporarily relocated to the uk has brought to bed a bouncing babyboy.the little tot arrived on march 22,2011 in an undiclosed london hospital. I called grace on thursday march 24,2011 to wish her congratulations and after saying thank you and finding out that this report would hit the press she told me''stella i never born,if i born na you go first hear.i am not yet due so please dont write it.'' I insisted she was still in hospital as she took my call and she insisted she was at home. Olofofos however hinted that the actress was trying to shield the news from the press and that was her reason for denying. Who gives birth and hides it these days?will she not return to Nigeria with her bundle of joy?these celebrities and their lies tire me abeg! This memo is to celebrate and join the household of the amahs as they celebrate the arrival of the new baby. Grace has joined the list of nollywoods babymamas and olofofos indicate that the babydaddy who is from Western Nigeria and based in the Uk will soon do what is expected of him and offically marry the actress. Congratulations to Grace,abeg make una help me tell her say ''at all,at all na him bad oooo''. your social media marketing partner