Divine Logico is an half-caste who has a Phillipino father and a Nigerian mother.She is a beautiful lady and model who is into events packaging and logistics. She owns Lagos based Divine Gracia Logico LTD,an outfit that is the umbrella of all her endeavours. She is in the news about a controversial relationship and friendship gone sour between herself and popular video jockey and presenter,Deji Falope. The crisis that has emanated from the failed relationship has led to accusations between Deji and Divine. Last week,there was news over physical assault on Deji.A version claimed it was the police officers on the orders of Divine who wanted to get at Deji at all cost while another version claims those who attacked Deji were a set of street urchins called Area Boys that Divine employed. Several other messy details have been revealed between the duo. In a recent interview,Divine denied all allegation by Deji and revealed Deji is out to malign her character because she wouldn’t date him or marry him. She said;Deji is being economical with the truth.I read in papers that I sent thugs to him.Some other reports said police beat him,I went to his house to tell him to stop telling people negative tales about me and things I did not do. It was on that day Deji Falope injured my mother causing her bodily harm.I have no idea of how his eyes got swollen.I can produce pictures of the injury he inflicted on my mother.Is it possible for my mother and I to attack him? Don’t forget she has been sick. Initially,he would go to our house and start telling my mother stories about himself and I.Whenever I confronted him,he would apologise. During the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa competition this year,Deji Falope introduced May7even,Segun Odegbami’s daughter to me as his girlfriend. He wanted me to handle an event for him.That was how I knew they were in a relationship.I had met her once before last year.It was this year Deji told me they were in a relationship. Yes,he asked me out and proposed marriage but I told him,”NO”.And that is the genesis of the problem and bad tales about me. Those close to him since this problem warned me that he is a dangerous person. The case is at the Lagos Police Command and it is being investigated.He has lied against the police that they beat him,I’m sure they will handle that. He is out to destroy my image because I refused to go out with him and declined his marriage proposal.I even refused the engagement ring he wanted to give me. Asked about the love child she bore for her father;she said Can you imagine? Laurina is my elder sister’s daughter. The name of my elder sister is Toyin.There is proof of this and everyone can confirm to know Deji is a pathological liar. click the link below to go to... ACE RADIO/TV PRESENTER,DEJI FALOPE'S WEDDING PLAN CRASHED+HOW FIANCEE ORGANISED POLICE TO BEAT HIM UP.
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