My problem with Nigerians is that they condemn us for begging for funds like what happened on facebook.They said we called America based ladies or girls in the UK soliciting for funds.The reason is that we are not adequately compensated for our hard work.We find it difficult to feed with the little we get.That is how poor we are. They condemned me for being the expensive type but why won’t I say the truth. Why would I pretend to be what I am not? I give respect to everybody but what respect do you deserve when you have the fund to assist but deliberately refuse to assist. They have turned us to beggars and yes I admit that Nigerian actor are beggars.I will stand by it that we are beggars.We don’t have a means of living than movies. And when it doesn’t fetch us what we desire some people among us start pretending by buying big cars but it’s an illusion. The government and private sector should get involved urgently.The first time I travelled to Dubai was the same day Tom Cruise flew in. I came via economy class(Emirates) but Tom came with a private jet.We landed at the same airport,about 70 exotic cars came to pick him while I took a taxi. He is an American actor while I am a Nigerian actor.But see the huge difference.He was well known but I was not.He is not a Dubai citizen but quite popular everywhere.I slept in a cheap hotel but he was first driven to see the Sheik of Dubai and later lodged in a 7-star hotel which cost about $7,000.That money is enough to shoot a movie. The difference is the system that operates in both countries. Why won’t Nigerian artistes beg? If I have a means of getting the needed capital,I won’t resort to appealing for funds. With the stipends we get,we can’t afford ordinary Volkswagen.We are miserably poor. The way out is for an average Nigerian to see us as normal people.They should assist us.They should help the industry to grow.Imagine,I need guns for my film,but with due process it will take months to get approval.You have to bribe your way out.Government should come to our rescue. click the link below to go to... FAST RISING ACTOR AREMU AFOLAYAN IN DIRTY FACEBOOK SCANDAL. SORRY TO MY FANS FOR WHAT HAPPENED ON FACEBOOK. STAR ACTOR YEMI SOLADE IN BIG MESS:ACCUSED OF HARASSING MARRIED WOMAN. your social media marketing partner