This dark-skinned Akwa Ibom-born screen goddess has made her mark in the Nigerian movie industry and is among the foremost actresses who have become the nightmare of many married couples. Though she is now married, many women are still skeptical of her repentance, as they still see her as a threat. When she was still single she was reported to have got herself entangled with married men but the biggest of them all was when she entered into a relationship with a married man which eventually led to the dissolution of the marriage and the man deciding to marry her instead. Ini, as her friends call her, is said to be a lady who would get any man she desired. She settled for Philips Ehiagwina, an America-based Nigerian. This resulted in Philips divorcing his wife, Ruth Okoro who had sacrificed so much for him. Philips marriage to Ini means Ruth’s once happy home has been destroyed. @global news mag your social media marketing partner